Mission Statement

Spectrum Center’s Mission Statement

Spectrum Center School of Massage is dedicated to promoting excellence in massage therapy and to instilling confidence, competence, and professionalism in it’s graduates.

Our Philosophy

Spectrum Center’s philosophy is simple. Spectrum Center offers a unique learning environment that provides excellent technical training as well as a warm personal setting. Training at Spectrum promises a rich and rewarding experience in preparation for entering the professional massage therapy field, and comes highly recommended by alumni. The Washington State Board of Massage has commended Spectrum: “…. this school maintains high standards of academic excellence through its course work and teachings.”

Massage as a form of touch is an extension of heart felt communication. Every Spectrum instructor teaches with an awareness of our holistic nature and the powerful impact of touch. We believe that every student has a gift and an individual style as a massage practitioner. Our goal is to assist each person in discovering and developing his/her personal ‘art of touch’.