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I have been utilizing the skills of the Spectrum Center School of Massage graduates for nearly 15 years. Over the past 5 years I have had the opportunity to employ six Spectrum alumni with 4 LMT’s currently employed at Market Place Chiropractic Wellness Center. My success as a business owner is due in large part to the talent and work ethic that my LMT’s have learned as students at the Spectrum Center. I’ve seen students from other schools have a narrow skill set, but the graduates from Spectrum Center are well versed in a variety of therapeutic modalities with a higher level of understanding of clinical biomechanics and kinesiologic principles. I am comfortable referring challenging cases to any of my Spectrum graduates at our office. I also deeply appreciate the level of support, professional and personal associations I have developed with the owner, teachers and staff affiliated with the Spectrum Center School of Massage.

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